Ostrich Breeding Season

Feathers, flair, and flightless fun during Oudtshoorn’s ostrich breeding season.

A visit to ostrich country just isn’t complete without meeting these odd birds face to face. Oudtshoorn’s numerous ostrich farms all have fun, interactive tours that provide an entertaining way to learn more about these peculiar birds and the day-to-day workings of an ostrich farm.

You get to hold the huge eggs, feel the leather and feathers, stop by the incubators to see the hatchlings, and even feed a big bird by hand. Visiting the world’s ostrich capital also allows you to shop the finest quality handcrafted products made from ostrich leather, feathers and eggshells.

Ready for cuteness overload? Breeding season generally starts in June/July. With an incubation period of about 42 days, you will be able to visit the incubators to watch the little ones hatch from their enormous eggs. Plus, you will see cute chicks galore around the farms while on tour.

Witness enchanting courtship dances with feather-fluffing displays, see the males strut their vibrant pink legs to attract the ladies, and see the pairs share breeding duties as they take turns incubating the eggs and caring for the young.

After your tour, stop by their shop to browse their extensive range of gifts and curios before heading to their restaurant for a perfectly grilled, tender ostrich steak complemented by their hand-picked selection of local wines.

Wondering which ostrich farm to visit?

Ask our friendly staff which option will suit your itinerary best.

  • Safari Ostrich Farm (7km from Oudtshoorn – direction Mossel Bay)
  • Highgate Ostrich Show Farm (15km from Oudtshoorn – direction Mossel Bay)
  • Cango Ostrich Farm (14km from Oudtshoorn – direction Cango Caves)

Photo credit: Safari Ostrich Farm, Highgate Ostrich Farm and Cango Ostrich Farm

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